energy control

1 Billion dollars in energy savings

Are you in control?​ How about having control of your energy bill in real-time and save money at the same time?

Let's face it, IoT (Internet of Things) are transforming our lives for the better with convenience, comfort and security however new gadgets always are considered as expenses even though with a lot of benefices - this reality has changed! Our new smart energy meters connected with our incredible software can reduce your energy consumption.

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December 31, 2020
1:00pm Eastern Time

The big statement

One mission, one goal, one purpose - to help our users via technology to better understand their energy usage in real-time in order to reduce the energy bill and identifying when and where the energy was used. We belive that we can generate 1 billion dolars in energy savings, the real questions is, are you with us?

The System

A EMS (energy management system) for everyone. The new software from Martinson Machine allow users to monitor their energy users for FREE. How do you know if you are spending more with energy if you don't have control - get notified if your daily budget gets 50%, 75% and 100%.

Rodrigo Martinson

CEO & Co-Founder Martinson Machine. More than 8 years in energy monitoring and smart meters.

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